May 31, 2023

Courses Taught

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                and hard to grasp is God

                But where danger lies, grows

                also that which saves

                – Hölderlin





Master level

  • Constructive Theology
  • Escatologia
  • Eschatology and Church
  • Ética
  • Faith and Fiction
  • Fostering Narratives of Hope
  • Fundamentos da Teologia Prática
  • God Issues in Fiction
  • Introdução a Filosofia
  • Justification and Justice
  • Lutheran Confessional Heritage
  • Pensamento Filosófico Contemporâneo
  • Systematic Theology
  • Teologia da cruz
  • Teologia Sistemática
  • Theology of the Cross
  • Third World Theologies
  • Unity and Diversity

Graduate Level

Graduate Theological Seminars (GTS)

Sources and Resources:

  • Around Foundationalism
  • Church, Community and Society
  • History and Geography in Christian Theology
  • Leitura Hegel
  • Marxism and Theology
  • Pneumatology
  • Reading Hegels’ Phenomenology
  • Teologia 20 século
  • The Doctrine of the Church
  • The Prisoner, the Exile and the Fugitive
  • Trinity and its Discontents

Concepts and Issues/Issues and Options:

  • (Post)Modernity and Theology
  • Panorama da Teologia na América Latina Seminário de Metodologia
  • Post-colonialism: The Theory of a Praxis
  • Schleiermacher
  • Seminário de Pesquisa
  • The Modernity of our Discontent
  • The Young Hegelians
  • Theology and Culture in the Americas
  • Theology and Social Theory
  • Wither the Church

During Spring 2016, Westhelle is teaching two courses:

1. RHTH-405, Jesus, the Kingdom and the Church

This is a traditional course and required for all MDiv students. For the course profile and other details, please visit

2. RHTH-604, Graduate Theological Seminar (Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm)

This is a graduate theological seminar for ThM and PhD students and falls under “Concepts and Issues.” For the course profile, check out

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